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Young People  (16yrs-21yrs)
Mentoring and Wellbeing Support

Long Term Supportive Relationships

My experience in coordinating wellbeing services for Young People has shown a need for diverse, longer term wellbeing support.

It takes time to build trusted relationships where Young People can share their experiences and feel safe to do so.

Mentoring sessions are offered in blocks of 12 but can continue until a Young Person is ready to end.  We will regularly discuss how our time together is beneficial and jointly agree the next steps.

Inspiration and Growth

We want to encourage Young People to access Mentoring as part of a long term wellbeing plan.  We believe that Mentoring can provide opportunities for thriving and development by exploring values, ambitions and awareness.

We want invest in a culture where Young People prioritise self-care even when life feels good!

Changing The Narrative

I have worked with many Young People who are navigating a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

Many Young People access counselling with a belief that there is something 'wrong' with them. Often their current struggles are responses to events in their lives, isolation and developing identity and independence (to name a few). 

Mentoring can support Young People to challenge the narrative that there is something wrong with them and support them to better understand their experiences and needs.

Consent and Confidentiality

This service is designed to benefit Young People who are choosing to access support.

The Mentoring relationship values trust and confidentiality.

We will not share information discussed during sessions unless a Young Person asks us to do so or unless we have concerns for their safety or the safety of someone else.

Creative and Diverse Support Sessions

Mentoring sessions are built around the specific needs of a Young Person.

We can offer a range of wellbeing support options.  We can meet face to face in our counselling room, outdoors, in schools and colleges or in the community. We can also provide support online.

We can focus on talking about, and understanding your experiences, or offer more practical support such as goal setting, accessing services, applying for work or training or just taking time out from your daily routine.


Our cost structure is designed to bridge the gap between public services and the private sector.

Although we are a private service, we are passionate about Mentoring being accessible to Young People and their families.


Individual sessions £30

12 session block  -£300 (£25 per session) 


Please get in touch if you would like more information about our Mentoring Service

Thank you for your enquiry!
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